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Glass artist Alma Jantunen

Alma Jantunen, who graduated in 1996 as a glass artist from the Wetterhoff School of Arts and Crafts, founded a glass studio called Lasisirkus, together with Johannes Rantasalo in Nuutajärvi in 1999.

Her stunning glass works can be admired in many museums and in the State Art Commission’s Collection. Alma Jantunen's works are exhibited in Finland and abroad.

But where does Alma Jantunen draw inspiration for her work? One major source of inspiration is the Pölkinvuori garden in Urjala. Pölkinvuori is a vast forest garden where you can immerse yourself in a fascinating world of beautiful flowers. When visiting the garden, the many shapes and colours of the flowers provide a wealth of ideas for glass works. She is particularly fascinated by the ability of flowers to attract insects with their beautiful colours. The rich colour palette is reflected in her glass works, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

Alma Jantunen in the Pölkinvuori garden in 2023.

When creating her works for outdoor spaces, Jantunen has to take into account the changing lighting conditions at different times of the day and year. It is important to her that the works remain unchanged in different weather conditions, while still retaining their beauty.

Jantunen's aim is to create lasting art that retains its charm and impact even after years of use. She is not interested in passing trends, but focuses on creating works that will stand the test of time.

"Flowerbed", Kuuma kylä exhibition, Nuutajärvi 2023

The wild flowerbed is home to a wide variety of flowers. There are old, cultivated plants and newcomers in a somewhat vague order, rooted in place. Plants in different stages of flowering create a living whole where colours and shapes vary and complement each other.

The flowerbed is inspired by many different gardens and parks, but also by the untended yards of abandoned houses, where old flowerbeds, previously cherished by the residents, have been allowed to grow wild.

Jantunen is interested in collaborating with other artists and believes that dialogue with artists from other disciplines can bring new thinking to her own work. Working together allows her to learn new things and see things from a different perspective.

Facebook page: Lasisirkus


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